Maria Liachovitskaya (b. 1995) is an artist from Lithuania, of Russian origin.

Having taken courses in Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named by Ilya Repin in Saint-Petersburg 

and afterwards studying in Russian academy of arts In Florence, Italy, she feels like a citizen of the world. From an early age engaged in arts, Maria chooses oil painting as her main technique and calls her work impressionistic realism.

At present more than 70 of her paintings are displayed in a private collections in Russia, Lithuania, Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Mexico.




2018 - ARTZINE Art Prize competition 2018. People's choice award.

2018 - 'Duality' in UTPOSTEN Galleri, Åstol, Sweden.(SOLO)

2018 - 'IZO Art' gallery, Moscow, Russia. (Group)

2017 - Painting workshops, Guadalajara, Mexico.

2017 - Antique shop 'Notre Dame', Den Haag Netherlands.

2017 - Painting workshops, Den Haag, Netherlands.

2017 - 'The sense of home' in Galerie 91, Den Haag, Netherlands. (SOLO)

2016 - Illustrated book 'Prayer for love' written by Svetlana Borkovskaya, Moscow, Russia.

2016 - 'The light rhytms' in Galerie 91, Den Haag, Netherlands. (SOLO)

2016 - 'New Ermitage' gallery, Moscow, Russia. (Group)

2014 - 'Domšaičio Galerija', Klaipėda, Lithuania. (Group)

2013 - 'Klaipėdos Simonaitytės Biblioteka', Klaipėda,Lithuania. (Group)