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Masha Lyakhovitskaya (b. 1995), a Lithuanian artist of Russian descent, weaves a unique link between naturalism and impressionism. Her approach, infused with spirituality, transforms painting into a portal to the energy and vibration of the universe.

Masha trained at the Russian Academy of Arts in Florence and took courses at the Ilya Repin Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in St. Petersburg. Her meticulous academic training merges with an innate sensitivity to light and color, elements that become the pillars of her artistic expression.

Beyond technique, Masha Lyakhovitskaya's work is a journey through sensitivity, an invitation to feel the energy that unites us all. For Masha, color and light are not just tools, they are sacred essences. Each brushstroke, each tone, vibrates with the intention of transmitting the energy that pervades each object, each being, each moment. Her goal: to remind us of our connection to the universal vibration.

Masha's works, whether in oil or watercolor, capture the essence of environments, characters, objects and landscapes. Her still lifes come to life, her portraits reveal the soul, and her landscapes invite deep contemplation.

Masha has exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions in Europe, Latin America and Russia. She has been awarded prizes and recognitions that endorse her talent and commitment to art.

Currently, she resides in Areguá, Paraguay, where she finds in nature an inexhaustible source of inspiration. From her studio, she continues to explore the language of color and light, creating works that invite reflection, connection and transcendence.

Represented by BGN ARTE in Asunción, Paraguay.



Solo Exhibitions:

  • 2024: "ÁNIMA EN CLAROSCURO " at BGN ARTE Galería, Asunción, Paraguay

  • 2023: "MATERIA ALLA PRIMA" at BGN ARTE Galería, Asunción, Paraguay

  • 2023: "STILL LIFE. The Still Life of Masha" at BGN ARTE Galería, Asunción, Paraguay

  • 2018: "Duality" at UTPOSTEN Galleri, Åstol, Sweden

  • 2017: "The sense of home" at Galerie 91, Den Haag, Netherlands

  • 2016: "The light rhytms" at Galerie 91, Den Haag, Netherlands

Group Exhibitions:

  • 2023: "Fabriano in Acquarello," Bologna, Italy

  • 2022: "Oxígeno" Contemporary Art Fair, 5th edition

  • 2022: "Fabriano in Acquarello," Bologna, Italy

  • 2018: "IZO Art" gallery, Moscow, Russia

  • 2016: "New Hermitage" gallery, Moscow, Russia

  • 2014: "Domšaičio Galerija," Klaipėda, Lithuania

  • 2013: "Klaipėdos Simonaitytės Biblioteka," Klaipėda, Lithuania

Other Accomplishments:

  • 2021: Winner of the Watercolor Salon at the Paraguayan-German Cultural Institute - Goethe-Zentrum, Asunción, Paraguay

  • 2021: Represented by BGN Arte Galería, Asunción, Paraguay

  • 2018: Audience Award at the ARTZINE Art Prize 2018

  • 2017: Painting workshops, Guadalajara, Mexico

  • 2017: "Notre Dame" antique shop, Den Haag, Netherlands

  • 2017: Painting workshops, Den Haag, Netherlands

  • 2016: Illustrations for the book "Prayer for Love" by Svetlana Borkovskaya,Moscow, Russia

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