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Maria Liachovitskaya (b. 1995), also known as Masha, is an artist from Lithuania, of Russian origin. She took courses in Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named by Ilya Repin in Saint-Petersburg, and afterwards studied in Russian academy of arts in Florence, Italy.

Taking an academic approach to realizing each of her artistic visions, Masha’s main focus is to transmit the unique states of scenes, characters, objects and nature. 

Masha is exceptionally sensitive to colors. For her color and light are the sacred essentials, and not only in painting. She believes everything, including a smell, a sound or even a silence, can be expressed by the color. 

“We all are energy, a wave, a frequency, a vibration. Therefore, we all are connected. My goal is to remind about that” says Masha.

Masha is working in oil and watercolor techniques. She is now represented by BGN Arte gallery in Asunción, Paraguay and works from her studio in Patiño 30 km away from Asunción where she lives in pure unity with nature.



2023 - 'STILL LIFE. La vida quieta de Masha' in BGN Arte Gallery, Asunción, Paraguay (SOLO)

2023 - Participant of 'Fabriano in Acquarello', Bologna, Italy

2022 - Participant of ‘Oxígeno’ contemporary art fair, 5th edition.
2022 - Participant of 'Fabriano in Acquarello', Bologna, Italy.

2021 -  Winner of Salón de Acuarela in Instituto Cultural Paraguayo Alemán – Goethe-Zentrum, Asunción, Paraguay

2021 - Represented by BGN Arte Gallery, Asunción, Paraguay

2018 - ARTZINE Art Prize competition 2018. People's choice award.

2018 - 'Duality' in UTPOSTEN Galleri, Åstol, Sweden.(SOLO)

2018 - 'IZO Art' gallery, Moscow, Russia. (Group)

2017 - Painting workshops, Guadalajara, Mexico.

2017 - Antique shop 'Notre Dame', Den Haag Netherlands.

2017 - Painting workshops, Den Haag, Netherlands.

2017 - 'The sense of home' in Galerie 91, Den Haag, Netherlands. (SOLO)

2016 - Illustrated book 'Prayer for love' written by Svetlana Borkovskaya, Moscow, Russia.

2016 - 'The light rhytms' in Galerie 91, Den Haag, Netherlands. (SOLO)

2016 - 'New Ermitage' gallery, Moscow, Russia. (Group)

2014 - 'Domšaičio Galerija', Klaipėda, Lithuania. (Group)

2013 - 'Klaipėdos Simonaitytės Biblioteka', Klaipėda,Lithuania. (Group)

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